Cube of Truth is in Paris festival! Yes, IMDb accredited Lift-Off Paris film festival is showing our vegan documentary!
So proud and happy! This is already the eighth festival for which this documentary is officially selected. And from those eight we have one Award and one Finalist nominations! Yes! Me and Nikita – we are proud and happy! 
Cube of Truth is a film about vegan child participating in animals liberation actions and his reasons to do so.
Lift-Off Paris festival running online till November 8. Our Cube of Truth is in the section Trendsetters Shorts. There are more than hundred short films in the Trendsetters Short section. You can watch all of them till 8 November for 12$ only. Don’t forget to vote for our Cube of Truth, please!
This is the link to the festival!
This is the link straight to get tickets for Trendsetters Shorts
You are welcome to enjoy it! And go vegan – you will save lives of animals, our planet Earth and your own health!
P.S. I love to collect laurels from festivals! Yes! One Day with Doctor Sergio got 38 of them. Now it’s turn of Cube of Truth
…and Drop the School and Go Travel is on the way to it’s success!